Black Onyx Creations

Coconut Crazy Protection Oil

$14.98 $18.99
Are you feeling like you are being attacked spiritually and physically? Are you exhausted from constant arguing and drama? Is your life spiraling out of control because of endless tragic event. Black Oynx Protection Oil protects from evil entities. Demonic spirits begin to attack when you are at your lowest. Why? because your vibrational energy is low and subjected to defeat. Black Onyx Protection Oil will elevate your vibration, protect from harm, shield the mind during hardship and strengthen the will to get out of the dark space and uplift oneself. This oil is best worn behind the ear, temple, back of the neck. Anoint your door ways, children, and money. Rid yourself of negative attachments. There is No Nobility in Poverty. Protect yourself and your love ones.

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