black onyx creations

2 PACKS - RGB Corner Floor Lamp, Minimalist LED Lamp

This LED corner lamp is easy to control with by app. The application allows for easy visualization of any color desired, along with simple access to adjust brightness and speed.

black onyx creations

Black Onyx Clear View Road Opener Oil

Are you tired of being turned down, let down, rejected, isolated, depressed, dismissed, neglected, or oppressed? Clear View Road Opener Oil will grant opportunities, create vision where there is none, provide hope when all is lost, clear paths when blockages are mounted against you. Clear your mind, focus your intent and let this road opener oil work for you.

black onyx creations


If Zen were a fragrance, this would be it. Get back to your natural state: chill AF. You’re a blissed out, balanced babe at heart. Quit stressing. Light this up and chill the F out. Your positive vibes are what the universe needs right now xo.

Women / Men Hand Bracelet. Custom Hand Made Jewelry Gift


Hollywood Sensation's Yoga Bracelets Black Beaded with Spiritual Charms